What is EUCALIA?

Hospitals and Capital Medica are working together to improve hospital management and administration. EUCALIA is a system that amasses know-how on hospital management and administrationthroughthese cooperative partnerships.

Why implement EUCALIA?

Implementing EUCALIA's name and symbol will raise your awareness on what we should be thinking about and what we should be doing. It will also strengthen our sharing of common directions and ideas.

What are the merits of participating in EUCALIA?

Hospitals that participate in EUCALIA are medical service providers in various regions of the country. Problems and solutions that one hospital faces may provide clues to solving problems of another hospital, even if the two are situated far apart from each other.
Through EUCALIA, the experiences of hospitals and Capital Medica and the wealth of knowledge gathered from these experiences are shared with as many hospitals as possible, instead of confining them in one institution. We believe that they will stabilize hospital management and will contribute to sustainable regional medical care.



We are on. Develop facilities for proper medical care

Have clear visions for realizing ideal medical care. Fulfill the responsibilities demanded of medical experts. And share the same visions.
These aspirations lead hospitals to a new stage and uphold our services that enhance hospital management for developing the foundations for proper medical care. These foundations will in turn facilitate hospitals to be what hospitals are meant to be.

Expertise – supported by experts
Sustainable – to be continued for a long time
Organized – well thought out
Human – to value people