Realize Ideal State of Medical and Nursingcare through Transformation.



A company that protects social infrastructure and transforms it into something new.

With the mission to “realize ideal state of medical and nursing care through transformation,” we work with medical institutions and nursing care facilities to pursue their “ideal state,” and provide management support and solutions centered on digital technology to help them achieve that transformation.

Ever since our founding, we valued the endeavor to face the greatest toil that exists in the “front lines” of medical care by supporting our partner hospitals and operating long-term care facilities.

By thoroughly supporting the “front line” and promoting operational reform based on digital solutions, we continue to protect the social infrastructure of medical and nursing care and envision providing values for our society.

We will continue to work with the medical and nursing care fields, supporting regional medical care to ensure healthy, happy lives for everyone.




The origins of EUCALIA

The name EUCALIA comes from the plant eucalyptus.

Its floriography is “new birth.”

It is also associated with “yukali” meaning human connection in Japanese.

Like the eucalyptus tree, which grows well even in arid lands and covers the land with greenery, we will connect medical and long-term care facilities with stakeholders in business, government, and academia, bringing together both frontline experts and management to work together on the advanced management of hospitals and elderly care facilities, thereby creating and providing services that have social value. Through such efforts, we aim to realize our vision to industrialize healthcare.

Supporting hospital management

We not only provide consulting services, but also work with the healthcare provider, in order to develop the right business model. Furthermore, we support the healthcare provider from multiple functions, improving and maximizing the providers business capability in order to meet its regional needs.

Medical-related services

Capital Medica provides a wide variety of medical-related service solutions, developed from its experience in supporting numerous healthcare providers.

Services for the elderly

“KURACI”, the revolutionary nursing home brand
KURACI aims to develop cutting edge nursing home service, merging habitat + health service + hospitality into one.
By changing the concept of social welfare into a high-end service business, KURACI provides cutting edge, high quality services to its tenants, enabling its clients and their families to share a happy and comfortable setting.

Developing services utilizing evidence-based medical data, such as exercise, sleep, and nutrition

We continue to innovate in health services to improve the quality of life of the elderly.